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Benefits of Car Detailing to Car Owners

Whether you’ve just bought a new car or you’ve owned one for many years, car detailing is something worth investigating.

Are you wondering what car detailing entails and are concerned about how much you’ll pay for this service?
Car detailing involves cleaning the car then restoring it to like-new condition.
It is more way labour-intensive and precise than a simple car wash and vacuum.

Car detailing can only be done by experts because it requires specialized equipment.
The good news is that it doesn’t cost much but will increase the overall quality of your car and, by extension, its lifespan.
Here are the benefits of car detailing.

It Removes Contaminants From Your Car’s Paint

Did you know that contaminants can damage your car’ paintwork?
Contaminants such as road tar and sap usually cling to the car’s paint and cannot be removed by regular car washing.In many parts of Australia, we also have to contend with flying Fox droppins as well.

Once the car is rinsed to removed loose dirt and dust, certain detergents can be soaped up on to the surface and these will work to soften what is built up on the paint so they come away easily.
Tar and tree sap may need specialised removers to avoid damaging the paint.
They do need to be removed before they damage your car’s paint.
Damaged paint exposes your car to weather elements and also lowers the aesthetic value of your car. Damaged paint is usually above the scope of what car detailing can fix and you may be up for a more costly respray on an entire car panel.

Car detailing experts normally use clay bars to remove these contaminants to restore your car’s outer feel to its original smoothness.

The experts can also use special cleansers and detergents to remove these contaminants.
The type of cleansing agent used depends on the nature of the substance that’s stuck on your car.

Correcting Swirls and Scratches

In most cases, swirls and scratches can take away that attractive shine on its outer coat. Scratches also expose your car’s body to the elements, which can make it a good candidate for rusting. These irritating defects need to get corrected to restore your car’s spotless and clear outer surface.

It is only by proper detailing that you can eliminate these annoying imperfections to leave your car looking as good as new.

A professional technician can use an orbital polisher and paint polish to remove the imperfections and restore your car’s factory standard glossy look.

Protecting your car’s paint

The thickness of your car’s paint should be at a level that can provide your car with adequate protection. Regular washing and cleaning of your can might reduce the thickness of this coat.

That’s why after cleaning and polishing your car, a professional technician will check whether the car has the right coat protection. If not, the expert will take appropriate steps to protect the paint.

There are several ways of protecting a car’s paint.
One of the ways is to use carnauba-based wax which can protect the paint for about 3 months. A paint sealant can also be used to protect the paint for about 6 - 12 months.
Another option is to use a coating of nano-ceramic polymer.

Before the technician undertakes any of these protective measures, he will use silicones to fill up any imperfections on the body of the car. This is to make the outer surface smooth before applying the protective layer. This process targets paint overspray, water spots, minor scratches, paint haze, and any other damage to the paint. The nano-ceramic polymer protects the car from UV rays, water spots, and acid rain.

Protecting your car’s Interior

isn’t just about the exterior of the car, the interior of your car also needs to be worked on.
Your car interior can have dirt, grime, grease, food spills, etc. and you do not want a pungent smell to hit you in the face every time you get into your car.

Apart from cleaning the interior, a professional auto detailing process ensures proper attention is given to any damage to the car's seating and carpeting.
After thoroughly cleaning the car’s interior, any damage to the upholstery must be repaired.

If you spend a lot of time in your car, you want to ensure you are not breathing in bacteria and mould. Getting exposed to these due to dirty air filters, air conditioning vents and dirty musty interiors can be avoided with regular care and maintenance in the same way you look after the air inside your home.

Better Visibility And Safety

A car restored to its new condition is safer to drive than a neglected car.
One of the main reasons for this is that detailing your car will improve your visibility.

A dirty or smeared windshield can blur your visibility, making it easy for you to cause an accident on the road. Watermarks from hard water deposits can also distort your vision though your windscreen, Watermarks are deceptively difficult to remove. Think about your shower screen and how difficult it can be to get a clear screen without scratching the glass
Windows can quickly fog up which is a dangerous situation, and they are impossible to quickly clear the condensation while you are driving
Detailing also restores dirty headlights which will help you with a better range of lit vision while driving at night.
Regular detailing ensures that your windows, head lights and rear lights are clean and in working order.

Car Detailing Is Money Well Spent

Car detailing isn’t just about cleaning the car and making it look nice.
It involves a lot of fixing, all aimed at making the car look new again and extending the cars lifespan. After your car has undergone professional detailing, you can rest assured that its performance and quality will improve, and you are maintaining it’s value if you wish to sell it.
Make sure that use a car detailing team that will give your car the attention and care it deserves.

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