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Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

The Health Benefits Of Clean Carpets

cleaning carpet

The first (and most important) benefit that cleaning your carpet has is that it will improve the air quality of your home and make your home overall healthier.

No matter what you do, dust will come into your home. Even if a house is completely closed, dust manages to come in and it will settle onto all surfaces and the floor is the largest surface in a home!

You can’t imagine how much dust comes out of carpets!

You clean the dust in your home every now and then. But what about the carpet? You might think that you’re vacuuming it often, and that’s enough.

If you have young children, they spend most of their playing time on the floor. Lying on the carpet, crawling on the carpet and playing on the carpet.
They are up close and personal to all allergens and particles that settles into the carpet pile.

Dust Mites, Bedbugs And Pests

Dust mites make their home in houses as soon as dust begins to form.
They can be an unsightly, and certainly unwanted guest found commonly in dusty rugs and carpets.
Bed bugs are also commonplace within these surfaces.
Why are dust mites and bed bugs so bad anyway?
Dust mites in particular are a major trigger for those who are prone to allergies and those who suffer from asthma.
These affects range from mild cases such as runny noses, watery eyes and sneezing, to severe health issues of chronic coughing, congestion and serious asthma attacks.
They are not visible to the naked eye and you will need to treat them effectively.
Professional rug cleaning and carpet cleaners are the best option to ensure your carpets are kept dust mite and bed bug-free providing more comfortable living in your home.

Steam Cleaning Leaves No Residues

While vacuums don’t leave residues, some carpet cleaning machines do. If the equipment or products are old or cheaper, they can be inefficient and leave some of the cleaning solution behind.

On the other hand, the equipment used by steam cleaning professionals is usually eco friendly and uses commercial cleaning products to restore carpeting to a like-new condition.
They also employ the hot water extraction technique to achieve the best results, leaving the fibers free of all dirt and stains.

Clean Carpets Look Awesome!

And it’s not just you. Everybody thinks that a clean carpet looks amazing. It’s nicer to see, nice to walk on. It’s just nicer in every sense!
Many companies can also do soft furnishings at the same time so consider having stained rugs, upholstery or even curtains cleaned at the same time.
Living and working in a clean and neat environment also helps with the general mood and makes you feel better.

Why Use Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services?

As a business owner, you understand the value of investments.
Carpets are an expensive addition to any office or retail space, and professional cleaning can help you protect that investment.
Dirt and soils are abrasive and can damage carpet fibres, leaving them looking dingy.
Regular cleaning with professional equipment removes these abrasives, which lengthens the life of your carpet.
Best of all,professional carpet cleanerscan do the work in your downtime, so they don’t interrupt your business operations.

Removes Smells and Odours

The reason why carpets can still smell even after you’ve vacuumed is that the smell is coming from the bottom of the carpet fibres and there’s no vacuum cleaner that can clean that deep.

So, a deep cleaning method (or steam cleaning method) is the only alternative when it comes to removing that terrible smell that some carpets have.

If a fresh pet stain happens on your carpet – To stop it creating a long lasting smell – you need to clean it up quickly and neutlaise the enzymes that produce the odours.
After you’re done cleaning it, if you want to make sure that that particular spot won’t smell, pour some baking soda and let it sit for 24 hours
The carpet may get a yellowish stain so do not panic.
Vacuum after the 24 hours.
The baking soda will absorb some of the urine that’s in the lower half of the fiber thanks to osmosis.

Extended Lifespan for your carpets

Professional carpet cleaners typically use cleaning methods involving hot water extraction to effectively remove the debris from deep within the fibers and leave the carpet cleaned.
Homeowners can also help decrease the build-up of debris in the carpet between cleanings by vacuuming regularly.
Most carpet owners don’t clean their carpets because they think that doing so is very expensive.

DIY carpet solutions aren’t that expensive.
Or if you do hire professionals to clean it for you, hiring a professional is way cheaper than replacing your carpet.
Almost all people who replace their carpets could’ve increased their lifespan if they had deep cleaned their carpet when they had to.

Carpet Cleaning Required For Any Guarantee Or Warranty

Some manufacturers are more open about saying this out loud than others.
But when you install a new carpet those “X years guarantee” or “100% money back guaranteed if you’re not satisfied” apply under one condition:

you must have your carpet cleaned by a professional every certain amount of time.

Complete Removal Of Dirt And Bacteria

This will come as a given because we’ve talked about this through out the post. But deep cleaning your carpet is the only way of actually removing all the dirt and bacteria from it.

Out of the 5 cleaning methods that the IICRC has approved, 4 of them are maintenance and only 1 of them is considered restorative. That method is the steam cleaning method that most likely ever professional will use.

Carpet Cleaning And Renting

If you want to try and clean the carpets yourself, you can hire portable cleaners.
Be aware that they do leave the carpets wetter than what a commercial quality machine will.
If you are cleaning your carpets for the end of a rental lease – Check with your property manager to see if they will accept DIY carpet cleaning.
Many will not accept it and insist upon a professional companies receipt .

If the carpets were cleaned to a certain standard at the start of the tenancy, the tenant must ensure the carpets are cleaned to that same standard at the end of the tenancy.

However, the property manager/owner cannot require the tenant to:

Leave the property in a better condition than it was in at the start of the tenancy (e.g. require carpets to be steam cleaned when this wasn’t done before they moved in)

These are offenses under the Residential Tenancy Act.

Professional carpet cleaning/pest control at the end of a tenancy depends on the particular case and circumstances and werecommend you the use the best carpet steam cleaner depending on your budget.

Professional Carpet Cleaners Are Fast

Having a professional company clean your carpet is extremely simple.
You just give them a call and they’ll take care of everything.

They can be done in under a couple of hours. If you do it yourself, it will take longer than that.

Professional carpet cleaning companies will have better equipment than you can buy or hire
If your carpet is dirty or stained, you’ll need a professional to help you to get the best results and the these are bestBrisbane Carpet Cleaning company we recommend.

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Pantry Organization

How many times have you opened up the pantry only to be greeted with a sense of frustration?
Can you relate to these scenarios?

Nothing is where it should be and your kitchen storage is at a minimum.
It is hard to find what you need when you are in a hurry.
You know you bought it last week but why can’t you find it

Pantry Organization Will Also Save You Money!

When you can easily see what food you have on hand it will be used and not be left to spoil in the far back reaches of a bottom shelf

Have you noticed how much space canned foods take up in your pantry?
They do take up the most room but they are one of the easiest things to organize.
Cans are durable and they can be stacked or they are perfect for can racks that you can group all of your can together and you will use them in date order.

By grouping cans into food groups it will help meal planning when checking to see if you have canned tomatoes for pasta sauce or canned fruit for a pie
I group my mine into food groups such as:

Milk/Coconut Milk
Fruit – Apple, Peaches, Pineapple

Then I can quickly replace or buy what I need

Declutter The Pantry With Food Canisters

The other overwhelming part is all the boxes and packets of food.
Often when something is half opened and clipped shut you cannot see what is in the bag or the packet.
I use to double up on so many ingredients thinking I had run out only to find half full packets

Putting dry ingredients into jars and canisters not only looks neater, it will keep you able to manage your pantry inventory plus it stops pests from getting into your food.
Pantry moths and mice cannot get into an airtight container.
Getting containers for food storage does not have to be an expensive undertaking
Read this article about Budget Pantry Jars.

What Sort Of Food Storage Containers?

If you do want to buy some new containers then make sure you look for the term “Air Tight” and of course BPA free plastic.
You can buy Food storage sets that have 12 or even 16 different sized containers – right from the smallest up to large for cereal and tall for spaghetti
The different sizes in a set will allow you to stack them neatly and use all available space in the patry

Some ingredients also need bigger canisters and mouth openings.
I need my flour in a large canister as I put measuring cups in to grab the amount of flour I need – So the opening must be able to fit a measuring cup.
You also need those larger containers for cereal and pasta.
You cannot jam these into small containers unless you want crumbs!

Getting a decent set of containers really helps to create more storage space as they created room so that the family can now easily reach the airtight containers that were hiding at the back of the shelves.

A Cohesive Looking Pantry Is The Goal

Just remember your jars and canisters do not all have to match.
If you have some with black lids some with wooden lids, some square and some round – It doesn’t matter as long as there is something cohesive about all of them and this is easily done by a great set of pantry labels and these are the ones I have bought and now recommend

spice jar labels
You can grab them on Amazon by clicking on the image

Spice Jar Organization

Be careful keeping spice jars close to where you cook
Don’t have them above your cook top as heat and steam is not a friend for your spices!
Keeping them in jars will keep them fresher than keeping them in packets.
I currently have mine in small preserving jars and they fit into a drawer next to my oven
I have labelled their lids so I can see what I need when I pull the drawer out
Spice racks also work really well and they can be kept on a countertop or you can put them into your pantry.
It is easier if you keep your spices in some sort of order
You want to be able to quickly grab the ones you use the most and then to be able to put them back when done with them

The Pantry Door Is A Great Place To Store Smaller Items

The back of a pantry door is an area that you can make use of!
Use it to hang hooks for shopping bags
Or use an over door organizer or there are some light weight racks that can be nailed/screwed into a cupboard door. If you have a door that is suitable but it needs to be fixed – There are kitchen cabinet repair services. You do not want to damage your pantry door.
These racks are perfect for spice jars and other small condiments or small loose items
Another way you can utilize the space at the back of your pantry’s door is to use a shoe organizer.
They come in clear plastic and you can easily store small lightweight items here and they will be easy to find and grab.

Storage Bins for the Refrigerator

If your family is all about quick meals , storage hacks for the refrigerator are a necessity.
Something as simple dollar store bins can make a world of difference.
If you have children, you can place their after-school meals in each container.
Place stickers with their names on it, so they’ll know what bin belongs to whom. Or, you can dedicate each container to a specific meal.
For instance, if lunch for the week is sandwiches, place all the items needed for a sandwich inside.
That way, it’s super easy to grab everything in one swipe; this hack works well for planning weekly dinners too.

Professional Organization Help.

Now pantry organization can be fun once you have got all your jars, canisters and labels assembled.
If you are looking at it and it just seems to much.
Consider using a Pro Organizer and their will be one local to you if you do a search.
They truly are their weight in gold and they can quickly assess what you actually need help with and where to start.

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Deck Restoration Guide

A Step By Step Deck Restoration Guide

A deck is an important part of many Australian homes and adds to our way of life.
They add an extra living space and utility area to your house.
It can be a great place to enjoy fresh air and sunshine in the mornings.
A deck is also be a place to hangout with family and friends to enjoy BBQ’s and parties in the afternoon or evening.

Because of its exposure to harsh elements like the Australian sun, your deck needs routine maintenance that addresses any damage.
This upkeep will protect your outdoor areas and prevent more significant deck problems in the future.
It will also keep the deck in great condition for many years.
Deck restoration is one of the best ways that you can use to improve the appearance of your old deck.

decc care and maintenance

Here is a step by step guide to restoring your outdoor space.

  1. Inspect The Deck’s Surface

The impact of harsh weather conditions, including UV rays, high heat, and rain, can damage your deck structure.
Before starting your deck restoration project, it’s essential to start by thoroughly inspecting your deck surface.

In this step, you’ll look for any loose deck boards. You can also check if there are structural component issues such as rotting or split boards. It is a good idea to also check railings or the pergola to see if these need to be repaired at the same time

Use a leaf blower or a broom to remove any debris on the surface.
You can as well use a scraper to remove any dirt and debris trapped in between the deck boards.

  1. Lightly Clean Your Deck

The correct method of cleaning your deck depends on its finish and your end goals for restoring it.

If you’re restoring a deck that has been formerly coated with paint:
You may need to use a paint remover to strip off the paint. Then, clean and sand the surface before applying a new stain or finish
However, if you’re only painting, the process will involve cleaning, sanding, and then repainting.

Wear protective clothing such as gloves at all times to keep yourself safe from splashes and fumes
If your outdoor space is not painted but has a stain, you don’t need to apply a paint remover.
Just use a deck cleaner to clean the wood surface.

Oxygen-based wood cleaners are known to be the best and most effective cleaners for eliminating mildew stains.
These cleaners will also remove any graying caused by ultra-violet exposure.
Additionally, they will clean the wood surface, eliminating all dirt and deposits.

  1. Deep Clean The Deck Using A High Pressure Cleaner.

Deep cleaning is a significant step in deck restoration.
A power washer can be a highly useful tool for deep cleaning a deck.
However, it can easily damage your surrounding outdoor entertainment area if it’s carried out incorrectly. Using excessive water-jet pressure or an incorrect sprayer technique can etch away the surface of the wood. It may also wreck some of your deck boards and surrounding paint work

When deep-cleaning your wood deck using a power washer, ensure that you use the minimum pressure that offers effective cleaning.
For softwoods like pine or cider, the recommended pressure is approximately 500 to 600 pounds/ square inch (psi). If your deck is made up of harder woods, you can use higher pressure which shouldn’t exceed 1200 to 1500 psi.

pergola for the pool

  1. Sand Your Deck

After you power-wash the deck boards, the wood fibres increase as they swell with water.
Once the wood fibres are dry, they may have extra splinters. For an effective sanding, you have to sand the entire area before staining.

Sanding your deck will be easiest if you use an orbital sander. However, the right sandpaper is vital to have excellent results. Sandpapers that are too fine leave the deck wood pores full of fine dust that prevents soaking of the stain.
Using a sandpaper that is too rough can damage the wood, particularly the softer woods like cider.

For the main deck boards, the ideal sandpaper grit should be 60 or 80.
You can use a sandpaper grit of 80 or 100 for the handrails.
After the sanding, make sure you sweep and vacuum all wood surfaces thoroughly. Avoid rewashing the deck as doing so might cause swelling to the wood grain and coarsen the sanded surfaces.

This step is very vital in the preparation so take adequate time in it to ensure your deck is entirely clean and has no damage or anything to stop the stain or paint from adhering to the wood.

Since sanding is a dusty process, safety equipment like wear some eye protection and a mask are a good idea

  1. Choosing The Timber Stain

Choosing the stain is one of the most significant steps in your deck restoration project.
There are various types of staining products.
One is the semi-transparent stains that permit the deck wood grain to be noticeable through the stain.
There are also opaque stains that dye the deck wood and conceal all the wood grain.

Additionally, you can find oil-based as well as water-based stains.
The water-based stains are known to offer easy cleanups.
However, nearly all experts will agree that most water-based outdoor stains have a shorter lifespan than oil-based products.

A quality oil-based stain is the most recommended stain for your outdoor area.
It’s an outdoor semi-transparent stain that soaks thoroughly into the wood grain.

Once applied, the final color of the stain may differ from the color brochure.
This can be due to the type of timber you have stained and many companies do have comparison charts to show the color examples on different timbers.

  1. The Stain Application

Applying the stain is the last step in your deck restoration project.
Ensure you use the right brush or roller to soak the stain into your deck’s timber surface.
The right brush or roller will also help to control the consistency and even application of your staining process.

Remember your deck must be completely dry before you stain it. It is critical to that your deck is left to dry for approximately two days before proceeding with the staining step.
Water present in the wood pores will stop the adequate absorption of the stain into the timber.

Deck restoration may seem like a big task and if it does seem like too big a job – Then there are many professional Brisbane deck builders that also do deck restoration.
If you are confident and have the time, then by simply following the above steps, you’ll make your old deck look like new once again.

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Is Pest Control Safe

Is pest control safe?

Pest control has changed significantly over the years, with regulations introduced in order to make it not only more effective, but much, much safer.

In the past, companies used Organophosphates, which are a type of pesticide that is highly toxic.
It is now deregulated and not used.
Many companies would these dangerous pesticides and spray everywhere inside a property using airborne chemicals to ensure total coverage.
Little to no consideration was given to the safety of it’s occupants.

Not only are pest control companies having to under go rigorous training and licensing requirements. They have also got tighter regulations about what products can be used within the home and around a home to control unwanted pests

pest contol safety

Strict Australian Guidelines

In Australia, the law states that all pesticides must be applied in accordance with strict product label directions.

With the advanced tools now allow a pest technician to accurately detect what unwanted insects and rodents are in a house
With this information, they know exactly where to apply the pesticide, and they can use as little as possible and still achieve the desired result.

Because chemicals are applied in a controlled manner and strategically placed within the property.
A home’s occupants are not exposed to the chemicals.
When powder or dust treatments are administered, they can accurately be placed.
Areas like wall cavities, roof voids, under kitchen cabinets and other areas that people and pets do not access.

Ask Your Pest Control Technician What Type Of Chemical They Will Be Using

The company in the lead up should be asking about your family and your pets.
Questions about health issues, such as asthma or any allergies

All pesticides which are used in households must be approved by the APVMA ( Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority ).

Only a true professional pest controller will have this kind of knowledge, and ask you questions such as what kind of pets you have, and adjust the kind of treatment for your house accordingly.

Of course, some chemicals are more toxic than others, however, we only use approved products with a very low mammalian toxicity.

Some products have been known to be more toxic towards cats, such as Deltamethrin.

Ask A Professional Company For Advice

If you a worried about your pets, a quick call to the vet about proposed application method in hand can give you peace of mind and help you decide how to proceed.

If you are pregnant, have a newborn baby or any health concerns that make you reluctant to seek pest control, call your doctor for advice.

Please note – pest control technicians are not doctors and cannot give you medical advice.
It is always best to seek the opinion of your health care professional if you feel uncomfortable.

If you require any additional safety info such as material safety data sheets of the products being used they should have them readily available for you to read them.
Pest control techs are experts in the products they use, and will be glad to explain anything that is confusing to you.

If the pest controller you speak to seems uninformed or uninterested in spending time with you or answering your question or concerns , consider it a red flag.
Consider calling other companies and ask your questions and find a company who can answer your questions.

pest control spray

pest spraying Brisbane

Safety Guidelines Before A Treatment

What happens before, during, and after the treatment are just as important.
Here are some tips to increase the likelihood of a safe pest control session:

Talk to the pest control applicator about the pesticide to be used so you can prepare ahead of time. Let the company know about health concerns. You can mention pregnancy, allergies, and etc. so they can find the best treatment option.

  • Cover everything that can be exposed to the pesticide such as plates, toothbrushes, toys, cooking utensils, etc.
  • Stay away from the premises for four to six hours. Keep the pets away, too.
  • If the pesticide is applied outdoors, make sure all windows and doors are shut.
  • If the pesticide is applied indoors, open the windows and doors immediately once you return home.
  • Wash and clean everything again prior to using them, especially food utensils

It is also a EPA requirement that all pest control company’s keep record of pesticides used their amount and were they were applied as well as any weather conditions such as wind speed

Extra Steps That Maybe Needed

The company that you hire will have a set of their own guidelines they may ask to implement before the service.

There are 12 major pest types pests (including cockroaches, fleas, termites, mice and ants.)
A treatment is catered to the home, the pest type and extent of the problem.
You should be dealing with expert Pest Managers. They will give you the right advice on how to ensure your your home stays pest free.

They may also suggest things like:

  • Steam cleaning your carpets just before the treatment
  • Mowing your lawn if you are treating for fleas
  • Clearing away excess garden waste and mulch if you have suspected termites
  • A full house clean if you have cockroaches

Safe & Effective Pest Control in Brisbane

When you see the team arrive for the treatment, they should all be wearing protective clothing.
If you see someone in shorts and a t-shirt spraying pesticide, they are not professional!

The weather conditions need to be taken into account to ensure that the protection will work
Strong winds will blow away the treatments and heavy rainfall will wash away the products..

The other part of a safe pest control process, is to ensure there is a set time we will be there for the treatment.
You should be advised for how long to be away from your property to minimise the risk to you and your loved ones.

To find an experienced and professional pest control team – Call the Brisbane Pest Control Experts

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After Having A Pest Control Treatment

Modern Pest treatments

Pest control has come a long way in the past 30 years.
Before the 21st century, many pest control companies were still using organophosphate, a class of insecticide that has since been de-registered for home-use due to being highly toxic. Fortunately, those days are long gone.

Nowadays, the products used are far more safe, eco-friendly, and gentle to use near humans and pets.

Brisbane Pest control experts are now able to provide targeted applications to pest problems faced around the home or workplace that minimise the potential of adults, children or pets coming into contact with any pesticide products used.

Stay away until the pest treatment is complete

Although it is not usually necessary, some people feel most comfortable taking their kids and pets out of the house during the actual treatment process. If this is the case, arrange to meet your tech afterwards or call the office to ask any last-minute questions. A good pest control company will be patient and understanding.

What Steps To Do After Your Pest Control?

After you have had a pest control treatment at your home and the home is free of pests.
Below are a few ideas to ensure a successful service result and keeping a pest-free home.

Pest control services suggest a certain time to stay away from the home once the work is completed.

1. Once the service is completed, they may usually recommend staying out of your house for a time of around 2-4 hours.
However, this may vary based on the type of service, and also extend up to a maximum of 24 hours.

2. Throw away any exposed food:Throw any food items that may have residue on them into the garbage. Pest services may use organic chemicals for spraying in the process, but still, you would not want to take chance on the health issues.

3. Wait till you clean.The majority of pest control services suggest waiting for around a week before cleaning your home. Different sprays and gels are applied to your surfaces so that insects who come into contact with them are killed. If you clean these surfaces, you are removing the treatment.

4. Look for any cracks or gaps:Cracks or gaps in in walls, vents ot around frames are how many psest enter a home. These also give access into wall cavities. Repair any possible entry points to stop them entering again

5. Clean up paper as itis a source of food for many kinds of pests. Ensure to eliminate any kind of paper like old newspapers, wet papers or any brown paper carry bags especially those which are near to the kitchen or bathrooms.

6. Safeguard yourself when you come in direct contact of treated surfaces for the first time after the treatment ensure that you wear disposable gloves and do not touch anything with bare hands.

7. Keep looking for pests in the days following the treatment, you will see a lot of dead pests around the house and this is what you want. Clean up the dead insects to prevent more insects being attracted to them. You also don't want your pets to ingest the poinsoned bugs

8. Keep your garden neat and tidy around your home and if you have had a flea treatment, keep your lawn mowed. This will help to stop unwanted pests being attracted to dense vegetation and organic matter up close to your home.

If concerned, ask a professional for advice

If you a worried about you or your pets after a treatment, a quick call to the poisons information line or the vet can give you peace of mind if you are worried about anything

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Car Detailers Brisbane

What is the difference between using a hand wash or a car wash for your car?

In choosing whether to make use of  a car wash or hand wash for your car, one can actually find it pretty much difficult to choose. 

Either ways whatever the choice is, it's not necessarily the wrong or right choice. 

Making a choice is dependent on a lot of factors ranging from personal preferences to costs and so on. 

But then, in determining which is preferable, it is important we actually know the difference in either having a car wash or a hand wash as having the knowledge will aid in making the decision process easier.  Here are a few conditions to be considered:


  • TIME CONSTRAINT: One major and noticeable difference between using a hand wash or a car wash is the speed that is, the time taken. It literally takes less than 10mins to have your car washed using the automatic car wash as compared to the hand wash. Hand washing could take from 30mins to 1 hour or more.

  • ECO-FRIENDLINESS: In this day and age, it is important to consider the option which is environmentally friendly. With increased awareness about environmental safety, we should decide on either the car wash or the hand wash based on that which is more friendly to the environment. Well, as you may have already figured out, that option is  the car wash.  As much as we want to enjoy the fun of having to wash our cars in our driveways, it is key we do not forget that those grease, oils and contaminants can make the environment look messy and even end up in our water supply system, causing environmental pollution. This can pose as a health risk to us, our families and neighborhood generally. 

  • GENTLENESS: Well, many people tend to believe that hand washing your car is actually more gentle  than automatic car washing. There are no spiky brushes rubbing against the car and scratching the paint. This may seem true but then, there are a lot of conditions in getting that very gentle wash for your car, because there are literally no fewer than six steps to do it. From getting four buckets , to having multiple sponges, and so on. It requires a whole lot of processes that require one's patience.

  • EFFECTIVENESS: This is definitely a no-brainer. Car wash ensures you rid your car of all the grime and dirt. The automatic power hoses get into areas your hands cannot. Irrespective of the automatic car wash technique one uses, it gives your car that extra cleanliness as compared to hand washing. Along with the water shooting out of the jets, those machines are going to blast away the dirt and rinse it right off, leaving your car almost unblemished.

  • COST EFFECTIVE: Looking at which is more economical and cost friendly, one cannot really say as prices of having an automatic car wash varies accordingly and also is dependent  on the number of persons washing the car. Going the hand washing way, you need to have a couple of things like a good, car cleaner, rag, bucket , towels e.t.c and if you want a thorough job, then you'd be considering getting microfiber towels, de- ironer, glass cleaner, to mention but a few. If one is willing to get these equipment then it's great because these can be used for several other things.

  • CONVENIENCE: It is pretty much obvious that when it comes to convenience, automatic car washing is the best bet. I can assure you that you won't get tired at all getting a machine to wash your car because well, you're not the one washing afterall. Having a car washed can simply be done from your comfort zone as you just need to drop off your car and wait a couple of minutes and viola!  All done and set. Simply trouble-free and expedient. Whereas having a hand wash could literally take your time for that day, leaving you with other piled up work to settle. 


Going through the carefully highlighted differences, it is pretty much obvious that having a car wash has more pros compared to the traditional hand washing method. 

That is why we have provided the best service for your car detailing right here in Brisbane.
At Car Detailers Brisbane,we help you get your car well cleaned in swift time, leaving it as good as new.

Contact us today and see what we can do!